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  • In this page we present to you many samples about resume personal profile samples,professional profile samples in resumes,samples of professional profile,that you can use and put on your Resume,It's free ! :

  • Contoh Surat Kiriman Rasmi – Surat Aduan. Merujuk perkara di atas, saya, Nazleen Bte Ahmad, seorang pelajar dari Sekolah Menengah Tanjung Bunga ingin mengadu tentang pantai yang terletak berdekatan sekolah saya yang kian tercemar. Saya juga ingin memberi beberapa cadangan agar pihak tuan dapat mengambil langkah-langkah yang sewajarnya bagi memajukan pantai ini sebagai destinasi pelancongan.

  • Good professional profile samples
    Nadia khan-0001/11/30 00:00:00 am| 691 views|1

    As Metallurgical Engineer I am focused on the implementation and monitoring of the manufacture and assembly of large metal structures, bridges, roof coverings, Silos and complementary structures Naval Industry, Oil, agriculture,

  • Frequently asked questions in Interview on Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • SSC Exam Result 2011
    bavarsheiam2010/11/26 00:44:10 am| 23066 views|0

    SSC Exam Result,SSC Exam Result 2011 Maharashtra ssc exam result 2011 year as will as more exam result available in this site

  • In this page we present to you many samples about resume career objective,career objectives in resumes. Professional goals and objectives,samples of professional objectives,that you can use and put on your Resume,It's free !

  • Way To Write Engineering Intern Resume
    HenryThierry2011/02/22 21:40:29 pm| 1013 views|0

    An engineering intern resume is used by engineering students when they apply for an internship. While applying for an internship, it is necessary to apply for internship in as many organizations as possible.

  • Top Ten High-Paid Jobs For Extroverts
    Leland Mason2011/07/07 15:08:33 pm| 410 views|0

    Extroverts, who are able to communicate well with other people, react quickly in difficult situations and maintain long-term relationships, can easily find good jobs with competitive salary level in any company or organization. If you are an extrovert and want to apply for a suitable position, let take a look at top ten high-paid jobs for outgoing personalities.

  • Most weird jobs around the world
    Leland Mason2010/08/05 15:48:31 pm| 5993 views|0

    Each person earns the living on his own ways to support himself as well as the family. If you are employed and bored with your career, take a look at most weird jobs below to know that you are still luckier than many people. Those who are not well educated or have strange hobbies take over the following jobs to make ends meet in their life.

  • Top 10 list of marketing careers
    Silas Reed2010/11/01 09:36:53 am| 2314 views|0

    Marketing career can be a real promising and well defined path for a person. In marketing the challenges are different and the methods adopted to treat them and handle them are also widely different.

  • A Sample Interview Thank You Letter
    sumeet2010/12/18 05:39:33 am| 848 views|1

    Use this sample letter as a guideline to save you time. This type of letter will help you make or reinforce a good impression.

  • Cover Letter Examples For Nurses Assistant
    ErikaAya-0001/11/30 00:00:00 am| 170 views|0

    Most HR managers just invest fifty percent a minute to skip more than a resume and create a judgment speedily.

  •, a website where you will find a variety of tests that have been designed to analyze various competencies and professional skills, which are needed in any organization.

  • Professional goals free samples
    Nadia khan-0001/11/30 00:00:00 am| 457 views|0

    My objetive is realize different projects that will allow me to perform the following duties: Design, Drawing development and supervision, thru budgets and coordination with human resources to accomplished project building goals.

  • Do you would like to create 3D animation by your self? But it will cost you loads of money also as time. Although you don't care for these things, you'll not have every single likelihood to succeed because it really is too hard to learn.

  • Cover letter free samples
    muhammad saleem-0001/11/30 00:00:00 am| 616 views|0

    Job cover letter examples and cover letter writing information including guides:Free Professional Sample Cover Letters for Job-Seekers,View Free Cover Letters,CV Tips

  • Are you looking for resignation letters samples? If so, you have reached the right place to find information on it. Since every business runs with specific protocols and systematic procedures, it is important to hand over a professional resignation letter to your current employer.

  • Becoming a registered nurse (RN) is one of the most viable careers right now. Many people find themselves wanting to take it as a second course and no one can blame them for there are many advantages that they can benefit from.

  • World's Most Interesting Jobs
    Leland Mason2011/07/01 14:55:56 pm| 856 views|0

    Paradise island caretaker, luxury bed tester, resort waterslide tester, professional prostitute tester, candy taster, wine tester and condom tester seem to be some of the world’s most interesting jobs that many people dream about

  • Top Online “Time Wasters”
    Leland Mason2010/10/05 13:41:45 pm| 2462 views|0

    It seems trendy that American workers spend more some portion of their day accessing to computers than for personal communication. Workers spend a considerable amount of time involving in personal pursuits while in the office. The actual wasted time makes a contribution to the loss of productivity.