Executive Resume Service: Do You Ever Need One?

By: Melinda Edwards | Apr 16, 2014 At this point in your career, you know you’re ready to take on the next level. So, you’ve decided to get ahead and apply for an executive post. But staring at your application, you see your three-page resume stuffed with a lengthy employment history and loaded with too many job descriptions. Then you ask yourself: Is this normal?

How to Make a Resume for First Job?

By: Nisha Thakur | Nov 16, 2013 Your resume gives your first impression to the interviewer, so it's important to know what to include and what to not in your resume.

Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Resume Writing

By: abhishek singh | Oct 1, 2013 Resume is your first impression - it is your marketing tool and you certainly want to give the best first impression to your marketing document. Now, you may wonder and think, how can you enlist your whole life/work history in just one or two A4 sheets? Let’s keep it straight - resume is not your life/work history, and nor it is a summary of your failures and short comings, but a simple and quic

On Strong Foundation of CV Stands the Future Edifice of Career!

By: Willsmith | Sep 10, 2013 Be it London or any other city, CVs are an important criterion to apply for a job, regardless of its position. Brief but comprehensive resumes generally manage to impress the employer sorting out the candidates from huge sheaf of job applications. Whenever someone sends his or her resume to a potential employer directly or through an employment agency, these are scrutinised on the basis of the clarity of the information minus frills.

Resume Writing or Editing Tips for the Job Seeker

By: bioinovit | Jul 25, 2013 Writing a resume can be a very frustrating experience. You want to capture all of you experience and qualifications into one document but this can be challenging. A good resume combines quality content with a format that is professional and appealing. After writing and rewriting my resume numerous times these are some tips that I found valuable:

5 Words and Phrases to Avoid in Your CV

By: Michael Wang | Jul 8, 2013 Contacting an executive search firm with a CV that includes fluffy phrases and subjective wording will not get the resume or the candidate noticed in a positive light. This piece of paper must be more than just a list of cliches and common word choices.

Why Should We Make And Upload Video Resume?

By: Job Ma | Jul 2, 2013 Video resume is essential to complement textual resume and does not compete or replace textual resume. Video resume is a short video describing about the academic

Resume Writing Services Can Create a Perfect Email Resume

By: Bryan Goldberg | May 14, 2013 The easiest way to spread your resume and cover letter is emailing. With the advancement in the means of communications, internet has become the solution key of all problems; it has kicked out the paper and print trend.

Boost Your Career with Great CV Editing Services

By: Bryan Goldberg | Apr 8, 2013 It is imperative to have an influencing first impression in this competitive professional world whether it is a business accord or searching for dream designation in an organization.

Resume Writing Service Can Craft an Attention Getting Resume

By: Bryan Goldberg | Apr 8, 2013 Creating a perfect resume is part science, part arts and lots of hard work. Everyone is willing to spend considerable time reflecting of their skills and accomplishment, making career goals for future and then composing and editing the document.
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