Career management

3 Reasons You Should Leave Your Company

By: Dr. Jimmie Flores | Oct 2, 2013 The fact is that we are not going to work in the same company from start-to-finish. I remember beginning my professional career at Shell Oil Company in 1990, and I thought that I would retire with the oil and gas company. It was a genuine but naïve belief.

When You Aren’t Wanted on Any Team

By: Dr. Jimmie Flores | Sep 24, 2013 As a university instructor and corporate trainer, I often ask students to form small teams when working on course projects. For the most part, this is an easy process, especially because students will already know each other. Even when they lack acquaintance, they gravitate to people with similar interests.

How Can Military Career Transitions Be Improved?

By: Stephen Bush | Sep 17, 2013 Military career transitions have always been challenging, and the obstacles have increased during the past few years. This article addresses practical career management solutions for this common and growing problem for a military to business career transition.

Job Networking Tips

By: Nisha Thakur | Sep 16, 2013 Networking in social or professional life is not that easy as it seems to some people. Some people are little more shy to speak and express what they feel. It's important for them to have faith and confidence on their abilities to move forward.

Professional Risk Management Basics

By: James Dawson | Aug 29, 2013 Risk management strategies are quite essential to protect your business. To reduce the chances of indemnity claims, business clients resort to professional risk management services.

Why Become a Social Worker?

By: Ethan Ryan | Aug 22, 2013 Social work is never an easy task and is often a path not much travelled by those looking for a career in the medical field. One reason for this is because of the tasks entailed by the profession. According to the Australian’ Government’s Job Outlook, social workers “assess the social needs of individuals, families and groups, assist and empower people to develop and use the skills and resou

Career Advice: How to be a Sought-After Company Secretary

By: Jerry Loh | Aug 17, 2013 In today's competitive job market, finding ways to make your contribution to the workforce stand out is a task for any company secretary looking to expand their job horizons. There are a lot of things that seem to change and shift when it comes to what is to be expected from those chosen for this position, and for good reason.

A Better Job Tips: The Right Path To Top

By: Julia Juff | Aug 13, 2013 Obtaining a good job is really a tough task which requires a mix of luck, effort and proper timing. When you are employment you can easily carry on on a single path which in some instances can result in insufficient growth and success.

Speech Therapy: What You Need to Know

By: Ethan Ryan | Aug 12, 2013 Speech therapy has grown to be an important sector in the medical industry. According to the Australian government’s Job Outlook website, a speech therapist, or also known as a speech pathologist, help in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of people with hearing defects and communication disorders. These professionals also work with people who have problems with eating and swallowing that could be

Medical Research

By: Ethan Ryan | Jul 31, 2013 Medical research is the deep and continuous study conducted to aid and support the already established knowledge in the field of medicine. This form of study is often divided into two: clinical trials or the testing of new treatments and all other studies centred to develop new treatments.
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