Importance of English Communication for Job Seekers

By: Nisha Thakur | Oct 4, 2013 English is considered as global language for businesses in India. It is highly recommendable for Indian job seekers to be proficient in this language.

The Interview to Select a Key Project Team Member

By: Dr. Jimmie Flores | Oct 4, 2013 Managing projects is far from easy, but yet project managers are expected to deliver on time, within budget, and to the customer’s requirements. Project success is even more difficult today because of the uncertainty and complexity caused by technology and globalization.

3 Reasons You Should Leave Your Company

By: Dr. Jimmie Flores | Oct 2, 2013 The fact is that we are not going to work in the same company from start-to-finish. I remember beginning my professional career at Shell Oil Company in 1990, and I thought that I would retire with the oil and gas company. It was a genuine but naïve belief.

Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Resume Writing

By: abhishek singh | Oct 1, 2013 Resume is your first impression - it is your marketing tool and you certainly want to give the best first impression to your marketing document. Now, you may wonder and think, how can you enlist your whole life/work history in just one or two A4 sheets? Let’s keep it straight - resume is not your life/work history, and nor it is a summary of your failures and short comings, but a simple and quic

What Employers look for in Employees?

By: Nisha Thakur | Sep 27, 2013 Nowadays employers look for many other prospects than just workable knowledge. They need employees with additional skill sets to match up with the job profile.

When You Aren’t Wanted on Any Team

By: Dr. Jimmie Flores | Sep 24, 2013 As a university instructor and corporate trainer, I often ask students to form small teams when working on course projects. For the most part, this is an easy process, especially because students will already know each other. Even when they lack acquaintance, they gravitate to people with similar interests.

Dos and Don’ts in a Job Interview

By: Nisha Thakur | Sep 20, 2013 An interview gives a chance to grab your dream job, but it's important to behave professionally in a job interview and should avoid things mentioned in the article.

How Can Military Career Transitions Be Improved?

By: Stephen Bush | Sep 17, 2013 Military career transitions have always been challenging, and the obstacles have increased during the past few years. This article addresses practical career management solutions for this common and growing problem for a military to business career transition.

Job Networking Tips

By: Nisha Thakur | Sep 16, 2013 Networking in social or professional life is not that easy as it seems to some people. Some people are little more shy to speak and express what they feel. It's important for them to have faith and confidence on their abilities to move forward.

How to Type Fast

By: Nancy Higgins | Sep 14, 2013 Wpm test, free typing test, typing speed test
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